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DOORS LEGACY celebrate legends by recreating the magic and intensity of The Doors’ musical catalog in a select concert experience. Established in 2016 it is a must see for all Doors fans and for anyone looking to experience an amazing and unique recreation of their music. Using vintage equipment as well as modern instruments to replicate the feel and aura of the studio recordings, the aim is to give the audience the best full live spectrum of The Doors’ versatility.

After several sold-out tours, Doors Legacy has broken through the sound barrier as official torchbearers and the best interpreters of The Doors' musical treasure chest - and even with the recognition and blessing of the American origin. And it is indeed a regular A-team of musicians from the Danish and Californian music scene who have come together to pay tribute to one of the most iconic bands ever and the success has been noticeable - not least when The Doors' legendary studio bassist Jerry Scheff joined the tour in 2019.

This is not a look-a-like costume showin any way!

All members of the band are not only well-known and established professional musicians and artists but have an affinity in style and influences that compliment the original Doors line-up. One might say their commitment to this music is a labor of love and an act of respect & admiration:

‘We truly feel honored to be able to carry on this legendary music to a new generation and provide a nostalgic glimpse back to a time when conventions were being tested and revolution was in the air ...’

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